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TiendasLatinas becomes a reference source for Classical and Early Romantic Guitars.

We have supplied replicas of Louis Panormo, and Rene Lacote guitars, Baroque guitars and Spanish Vihuelas to name a few. We also supplied custom Bandola Llanera and 11 String Alto Guitars.
These goal comes after seven years of supplying the instruments shown in the galleries below 14 years of supplying Charangos, Ronrrocos, Quenas. Zampoñass and other Latino and andean instruments of first class quality and with an untouchable record of excellent service. Please view our Classical and Early Romantic Guitars Galleries.


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In stock - For INMEDIATE SHIPPING Gallery

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Buy it HERE


Panormo - Lacote Gallery

Listen to it HERE

Panormo  Replica  - Rogaland, Norway
Two (His & Hers) custom Panormo replica guitars, Maple wood & French Polish finish
Panormo Style Guitar (ZAL023) - San Vicente do Pigeiro, Portugal.
Listen to it HERE

Lacote Style Guitar (ZAL025)  - Indianapolis IN, USA.
Guitarra Estilo Panormo (ZAL023) Warszawa, Poland.JPG
Lacote to Iceland

Lacote Style Guitar (ZAL025)  - Indianapolis IN, USA.

Baroque Gallery

Guitarra Barroca de Concierto (ZAL016)
Custom Left Hand Concert Baroque Guitar
Listen to it HERE

Concert Baroque Guitar (ZAL016) with veneered neck
Concert Baroque Guitar - Mechanical tuning pegs & Case - Cazenovia, NY. USA
Concert Baroque Guitar, this one now in Saint Johns Newfounland, Canada.
Concert Baroque Guitar, this one now in Saint Johns Newfounland, Canada.

Spanish Renaissance Vihuelas Gallery

A Spanish Vihuela (ZAL017) - Visalia, CA, USA
Vihuela Española A (ZAL017) - Coruña, Spain
Vihuela Española A (ZAL017) - Sineu , Islas Baleares, España
Profesional Spanish Vihuela (ZAL017) - Chicago, IL.
Concert Spanish Vihuela -  (ZAL017) - Toyoake, Aichi, Japan

Other String Instruments Gallery

Custom Concert Tiple
Maple Concert Guitar (BOUZAL001)
Concert Bandola Llanera (ZAL024) - Kusnacht, Switzerland
Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Palo Escrito - San Diego, CA, USA.
11 String Alto Guitar (ZAL026) - Fourth instrument for  
client in Rogaland, Norway
Concert Mexican Vihuela with seashell incrustations - Bovisio Masciago, Italy.
Spanish Style Laud (ZAL012) Monroe, WI.
Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Red Cedar Wood - Mesa, AZ, USA.
Concert Bandola Llanera (ZAL024) - with Rings and Back of rare Aged Purple Wood. Miami FL.
Mariachi CONCERT VIHUELA (ZAL005L) - Rings and back of Maple (Arce), Fretboard of ebony, Arm of cedar, Decorations of paua abalone Mexico City.

Harry Jess with his not pictured
Zalapa Vihuela. Listen to it HERE

Harry with same song in a normal
classical (not Zalapa's). Listen to it HERE

Additional to the above galleries and before we started collecting pictures of custom instruments,the following were supplied since 2005 for which we apologize not having pictures.

One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Vadito, NM, USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) with wooden tuning pegs and one Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) similar to one previously supplied and of same materials with the following variations: 9 strings, instead of 8: that is, with four double courses, and only one single course as in a baroque guitar). No fretboard. Nylon frets. - Elmont, NY. USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) for left hand player - Bristol, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
One Baroque Guitar (ZAL013) - New York, NY. USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
One Bajosexto (ZAL010) - La Serena, Chile
One Laúd tipo español (ZAL011) - Hollywood, FL. USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Seattle, WA. USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Albuquerque, NM. USA
One Spanish style Laúd (ZAL012) - Stockholm, Sweden
One Baroque Guitar (ZAL013) Custom - Alameda, CA. USA
One B Baroque Guitar (ZAL016) - Troy, OH. USA
One Laúd tipo español (ZAL012) - North Hollywood. CA, USA
One Hawaian Koa Vihuela (ZAL021) - Signal Hill, CA. USA
One A Spanish Vihuela (ZAL017) - Rogaland, Norway
One Requinto (ZAL020) - Whittier, CA. USA
One A Spanish Vihuela (ZAL017) - Anchorage, AK. USA
One Mexican Professional A Vihuela for Mariachi (ZAL001) - 94034 Passau, Germany
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Saint-Louis, France
One Parota Vihuela (ZAL022) - Signal Hill, CA. USA
One Concert Baroque Guitar (ZAL016) - Waterville, ME. USA
One Panormo Style Guitar (ZAL023) - Noord-Holland, Netherlands
One Concert Baroque Guitar (ZAL016) - Seattle, WA. USA
One Jarana Veracruzana (ZAL004) - Coarsegold, CA. USA

TiendasLatinas is seeking Distributors in North America, Europe and Asia for the above instruments and for our exclusive products, the Charangarto and Charango cases by Luis Michel.


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Buy one HERE


Distributors please contact us at: